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Aromatherapy A Scented Life: Aromatherapy Reimagined

Aromatherapy A Scented Life: Aromatherapy Reimagined

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A Scented Life is a journey into the senses, bringing this ancient practice of Aromatherapy into today’s world. Aromatic essences have been used since antiquity in medicine, incense, cosmetics, perfumes and ritual worship. Aromatherapy expert Pat Princi-Jones takes us through a selection of pure essential oils extracted from plants that are used as remedies for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The healing properties of essential oils can relieve headaches, muscular pain, and cold and flu symptoms. A few drops in your skincare regime can increase hydration, treat acne and regenerate damaged skin. What’s more, essential oils can shift your mood, improve your sleep patterns and lower feelings of anxiety to make you feel restored, relaxed and renewed.

Within the beautiful pages of A Scented Life, you will discover what different essential oils can do for you and the many ways to mix and apply them in your daily life for maximum long-term benefits.

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