I’m an influencer & I’m keen to review your products. Can we collab?

Eeeee, we’d so love to hear from you. Flick us an email at contact@nimki.com.au

Where & how are your products made?

Which of your products are made in Melbourne?

Celebrating & supporting local makers legit lights us up. We currently stock:

Shuh, Oopa Handmade, Fox & Cactus, Mimi Clay Studio, MILKWICK, Be Jewelled, Eilisha Illustrations, Crokd, Potager Soaps, Studio McKenna, Wheatbag Love  & of course our very own Nimki Merch is handmade by us, right here.

Which brands are handmade in Australia?

If it ain't’ made in Melbourne, it must be made in Australia where poss (with a couple of teeny tiny exceptions where brands can show us their ethical & mindfully made practices). We currently stock:

Hot Mess Design (WA), Perfect Potion (QLD),  Ruby Roller (NSW), Lowanna (ADL), Journey of Something (internationally made) & Sage x Clare (internationally made).

Are your products palm oil free?

Of course. We wouldn’t have it any other way. All of our products are proudly 100% palm oil free.

Are all your products vegan & cruelty free?

A-ha. All of our products are 100% vegan & cruelty free. That’s a hand-on-Nimki-heart-pinky-promise.

Essential Oil questions

How do I dispose of essential oils?

‘Cos essential oils are not always recycled by your local council, we’ve developed our own recycling program. You can check it out here.

Are your essential oil blends 100% pure?

You betcha. All our products are made using responsibly farmed pure essential oils.

Can I apply essential oils neat on my skin?

Nope. We don’t recommend essential oils be used neat on your skin as their concentration could cause a skin reaction. Essential oils should always be diluted before application. You can learn more about diluting essential oils safely, here.

Are essential oils safe for diffusing around babies & kids?

Hmmmm, not really. We don’t recommend using essential oils on children under 3 years of age. We also don’t recommend using our skincare range on children because it’s not a safe dilution for teeny weeny ones. But, good news… our Aromatherapy Bath Bombs are safe for all kids over 3.

Are essential oils safe during pregnancy?

Some essential oils are safe to be used in pregnancy after the first trimester (12 weeks). We recommend only using a 1% dilution when it comes to applying essential oils to your skin with a carrier oil. For example - 1 drop per 10ml of carrier oil. Pregnancy safe essential oils include Neroli, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile & Geranium. We recommend using our Nimki Peaceful Warrior blend in your diffuser to promote relaxation during pregnancy.

Which essential oils are safe for pets?

Essential oils & pet safety is currently not well understood. As a result you should proceed with caution when it comes to using essential oils around your furry friends. We do know cats do not tolerate essential oils well because they have sensitive livers, so if you’re diffusing in a home with kitties ensure periods of diffusing are limited & the room is always ventilated.

How can I use essential oils in my bath?

Mmmmm, we love a good soak in our fav blends too. Add 3-5 drops of our essential oil blends into your bath. However, because essential oils are not water soluble & work best when used with a dispersant or carrier oil, we recommend using one of our Pure Aromatherapy Bath Bombs for full soak & soothe benefits.

Can I ingest essential oils?

Please don’t. We don’t recommend ingesting essential oils as it’s potentially very harmful to your health due to their highly concentrated nature.

Are your essential oils sourced locally & are they organic?

How do I dispose of my ultrasonic diffuser?

Your Nimki diffuser is 100% recyclable through our recycling program.

Skincare questions

Where is your skincare made?

Our Nimki skincare & aromatherapy products are handmade by us, right here in Melbourne. Our soaps & candles are made by Victorian-based makers who carefully handcraft each item in small batches.

Shipping & refund questions

Do you ship Australia-wide?

We 100% do. It totally lights us up to share the best of Australian mindful makers & conscious creators with alllll the rad humans across Australia. Don’t forget to tag us when your goods arrive >  @nimki.co on Insta.

Do you ship internationally?

Yup. We do. It’s no secret that international shipping is a little slow right now. So please be patient while you wait for your goods. Your purchase will totally be worth the wait. Don’t forget to tag us when your goods arrive >  @nimki.co on Insta

I’m not happy with my purchase, what should I do?

😢 but we’re here to help. You can check out our refund policy here & contact us at contact@nimki.com.au if you have further questions.