Cool, considered & blimmin’ cute lifestyle & gift-wares your kinda thang?

Come this way pal → we’ll show ya what we’ve got.

(but first, you should probs know… here at Nimki? we’re anything but ordinary)

Pink candles at Nimki Melbourne

We are Nimki

Loudly but sometimes quietly. But most importantly, proudly.

We value creativity, community, inclusion, giving back & fun!

So much more than a cool, considered & blimmin’ cute collection of handcrafted beauty, aromatherapy, fashion, lifestyle & gifting goods.

Nimki hand cream

Mindful makers & conscious creators legit light us up. And the ones we stock? We know you’ll love ‘em too.


Numero Uno’s

(aka best sellers)
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Maker of the Month

Friend of Nimki meet: Emma, the creative force behind Fox & Cactus.

Here's why you'll love 'em: She's not just an artist. She's a master of fun, colour, and downright hilarity.

Nimki founder Emily with a colourful backdrop behind her in-store

Spark your Curiosity

Introducing the Nimki blog.

Our blog is more than just a collection of posts—it's a journey through Nimki-land, where we share our passion for colourful living and the joy of following your curiosity. What are you waiting for?

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Nimki model, Eshib, refilling a bottle of celestial massage oil

There ain’t no Planet B

So let’s respect & protect the land we call home.

(you’re gonna wanna tap that button if recycling & refills is ya thang)

Tidy up time
Celestial Aromatherapy Room Spray surrounded by flowers & bright green stems

Paying it forward

‘Cos it feels oh-so-right. 100% of profits from our Nimki skincare & aromatherapy range goes towards helping to solve the climate crisis through our partnership with ACF.

peep the goods

Cool, considered & blimmin’ cute collections

Nimki Skincare & Aromatherapy

Yup. We make our very own candles, skin, hair & bod care, (responsible) essential oil blends & diffusers & totes, too. Cool huh?

And even cooler? 100% of the profit goes towards helping to solve the climate crisis through our partnership with ACF.