Recycling plan at Nimki

Our Recycling Program

We’ve proudly partnered with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution for all Nimki products, ensuring nothin’ ends up in landfill & everythin’ is recycled responsibly.

Yup, you can do this for all plastic pumps, dripper inserts, essential oil bottles, pulse-point bottles & tops, black plastic caps & ultrasonic diffusers.

And to say Thanks?

We’ll flick you $15 off your next order each time you send us your pre-loved packaging.

Wondering how you recycle with us?

Flick us an email letting us know you would like to send a return or a refill and we'll email you a return label. Once you have printed out your label, simply remove all traces of product from your containers & pack up your empty items to be recycled as safely as possible in the box with the return label attached. Ensure you include a note with your name and email address so we know who it's from!

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for your $15 discount, please wait until you’ve got 4 or more empty products. Once we've received your package, keep your eyes peeled for a discount code in your inbox!

Refill bottles at Nimki Melbourne

How to refill with us via post

Y’all know by now that we’re on a mission to protect the environment & reduce pressure on recycling companies. 

So to help mother earth & trucker Toni out we now, proudly, offer refills of our most popular skin & hair care products. You can nab a refill for our Butter Me Up Body Serum, Mermaid Hair Oil & Celestial Massage oil in both our 50ml & 100ml sizes.

How it works:

Follow the steps above for our recycling program. When we get your empty containers, we'll send you a personalised code. Guess what? You can use that code to snag a cool $5 off each product when you shop on our online store.

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