Inside the World of Ceramic Artistry: An Interview with Alicia McVilly

Ceramic artistry is a unique and fascinating world that has been around for centuries. From the intricate designs on ancient pottery to the modern-day sculptures, ceramics have been an integral part of human creativity and expression forever.

In this interview, we delve into the world of ceramic artistry with Alicia McVilly, an accomplished ceramic artist and workshop facilitator, with years of experience and a passion for ceramics & cultivating community. We explore her journey as an artist, creative process and upcoming projects. If you're a lover of art, fascinated by ceramics, or simply curious about the creative process, read on to discover the world of ceramic artistry through the eyes of Alicia.

Introducing Alicia McVilly

Away from the world of ceramics, Alicia is a yogi & has also delved deep into her studies over the years. She says, "Clay and yoga are a beautiful combination as they compliment each other". She's currently studying midwifery whilst making ceramics and explained to us that getting creative on the pottery wheel or teaching a class after a long day of study, is the best way to unwind and bring her back into her body.

Alicia's Journey as a Ceramic Artist

Alicia discovered her love for ceramics whilst on a holiday in India during 2017. 

She wanted to try her hand at pottery and decided to track down a class she could take while in Delhi. 

She recalls, "After that I was hooked. I did a work trade with someone for over a year, then studied at fed uni. It took a really long time to become familiar with working on the wheel, it may feel familiar now but I'm always learning either new skills or the art of non-attachment". 

When asked why she loves working with Clay, Alicia explained to us that she loves how tactile it is & how it helps her find a state of presence. She describes it as an opportunity to be creative, and at the same time, create a feeling of being at ease. She also told us light-heartedly that this moment of tranquility only lasts briefly or until something goes amiss, which happens often when working with clay. 

Alicia's Unique Style and How It Has Developed Over Time

Alicia's unique pieces are mostly functional ware that can be used in the home. The glazes she feels the most drawn to are "whites of different shades with a little splash of green". 

When asked about how her style has evolved over time, Alicia says, "My style has developed in many ways. I see many faults looking back at work from when I started. I used to use colourful and darker glazes with lots of speckle, now I prefer the more peeled back look". 

Alicia's Creative Process and Inspiration

Alicia's creative process starts with an idea. She says, "I keep everything in my mind, a lot of people draw but I've never been able to translate what I see in my mind onto paper. The creative process for me involves a lot of time, not feeling rushed and some nice music". 

Past Collaborations

Alicia has recently collaborated with Marisa Mu, an East Timorese Chinese artist based in Melbourne, together creating a captivating series of ceramic pieces featuring Marisa Mu's "Femme Figures" alongside Alicia's clay work. 

Who is Marissa Mu? "As a queer woman of colour, Marisa’s mission statement is to explore messages of pride, self-love and liberation whilst spotlighting the importance of visibility for marginalized communities and champion intersectional feminism and queer expression", (Marisa Mu, "Para 1.",, 2023, 

When asked about how their shared project, Femme Fantasy, came to life Alicia says "Marisa and I work in the same studio in Fitzroy North. Marisa asked how I would feel about a collaboration, I was stoked to get out of of creative funk I was in at the time. As soon as we spoke about it I started making forms for some test pieces and the it was born! We were so happy with the outcome and have a few left for sale". 

Femme Fantasy Vase

Alicia's future plans & upcoming work

When asked about what's next, she says, "I really enjoy making mugs. I would love to start a project making handles of all different shapes and sizes. Handles can be really beautiful, functional or not. It's something I've thought about for a long time now but need to figure out the glaze first". 

Why Alicia Loves Her Work as a Workshop Facilitator

In addition to creating her own work, Alicia also enjoys teaching workshops and sharing her knowledge with others. She says, "I love seeing how proud people are of their work. I also love seeing the aha moment when something just clicks. Its also extra special when the pieces are completed and they can be used in the home as part of everyday rituals, such as coffee."

Alicia believes that workshops are an excellent way to help grow connection & community. She explained to us that the idea behind it was to create a time for people to connect and share a special moment together. She hopes people come to learn, have fun, use their hands and unwind from their day.

Final Thoughts

Alicia McVilly is a talented artist who has honed her craft over the years and developed a unique style, all the while finding mindfulness & teaching others how to find their creative flow.

As for the future, Alicia hopes to continue teaching workshops and sharing her knowledge with others. We can't wait to see what she does next!

If you're keen to get to know Alicia more, check out Alicia's incredible work or attend her monthly workshop with us, Cocktails, Canapés & Clay.

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