Nimki Creatives: Artist Kia Adamson on how to embrace your self-expression

Friend-of-Nimki, meet Kia. For most of us, lockdown was a time of watching too much Netflix, trying to start a veggie patch and counting down the days until freedom. That is unless your Kia Adamson, who used lockdown to supercharge their creativity & find confidence in their self-expression. 

We first met Kia when they contacted us about some of their artwork being featured in our brick & mortar store and the answer was obvious, of course! Their art is like a colourful wonderland that makes you feel all the warm fuzzy feels and it fit right in at Nimki. 

We sat down with Kia in their colourful, cosy home studio and Kia shared their journey through self-exploration and discovering their identity, inspiration, creative process and all the fun bits in between! 

"I have seen an explosion of creativity in all aspects of my life since allowing myself to step into my true self, coming out and exploring my gender identity"

Tell us a little bit about who you are!

My name is Kia (pronounced like fire) and I use They/Them pronouns. I’m an artist and creative living in Naarm/Melbourne and I moved here from the UK 10 years ago. I work in fashion, I love to paint, draw, make jewellery and when you can’t find me making things I will most likely be on the dance floor as I recently started teaching dance classes!!

Artist Kia Adamson in their home studio

When do you feel your most authentic self?

Definitely when around my close friends, when I’m in the flow of creating something or sweating it out in a dance class. 

What has been sparking joy for you lately?

I have been going to life drawing classes recently and it has been so much fun. Some dedicated sit down focused drawing time in a lovely setting and meeting other creatives. My friends run @innerwestlifedrawing and would so recommend!

What does self-care mean to you?

Joyful movement has been a huge part of my self care and growth over the last few years. I dance regularly, it keeps me fit and I connect with my community. It helps me move through heavy emotions if I have had a tough day and I feel inspired and invigorated to be creative in other areas of my life. 

How did your journey as an artist begin?

One of my earliest memories is painting pictures on the fence in my back garden with my Dad when I was about 3 years old, I have always been creative. 

I studied textile design at university which still influences my art practise today but over the last few years I have fallen back in love with my creative process. Lockdowns gave me the time to find my confidence and style in my artwork and have pursued many passion projects over the last few years. 

In a sentence, how would you describe your art?

A bold and colourful exploration of my inner world!

We love how other-worldly your art is. What inspires your unique style?

During lockdowns whilst I was exploring my creativity I also started to explore my identity. I have seen an explosion of creativity in all aspects of my life since allowing myself to step into my true self, coming out and exploring my gender identity. My work is an exploration of that experience, queerness, gender fluidity, transformation and visualising my inner world through creative expression. 

Kia creating their art

What is your fave part of the creative process?

I love the moment when an idea comes to you. I often am struck by creativity as I am falling asleep and I have to add something to my notes app so I can return another day and get and something down in my sketchbook! There’s so many thing happening in there, sparks and different ideas all jumbled up through the pages.

A photo of Kia

Where do you go looking when you need inspiration?

Oooooo so many places!! I’m influenced heavily by fashion and style, as a visual merchandiser and stylist in my day job. I’m constantly inspired by designers, Alexander McQueen is an all time favourite. Individuals with expressive style spark something inside me, Sara Camposarcone is a current obsession. I often am inspired by small things, a colour combination, a shape, a movement, a pattern. I really enjoy music documentaries at the moment too and learning about other peoples creative processes, what inspires them and how they got to be where they are. 

We noticed some cute little pouches on your desk... can you tell us about what they are & what you're currently working on?

A couple of years ago I started leaving notes for people when I was out in my day to day life. I would write messages that came to me, words of encouragement and support. Messages that I have also needed in the past and wanted to send out into the world. I would keep a few on me and leave them for people to find in random places. This has grown and developed into a series of 25 messages on canvas. I am currently finishing off this project and will exhibiting some of the final pieces in the Big Queer Show at Unassigned Gallery in June!

Kia Adamson

If you could go back in time & give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

The life you that you have always wanted to live is possible, keep going one step at a time. 

Where can we find more of your work?

I am taking part in The Big Queer Show at Unassigned Gallery June 1st-14th! You can also find me on instagram @kia_doing_things

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